On March 3, the opening of the international exhibition “Interconnection & Intuition” took place at Agora Gallery. The established gallery is located in the heart of Chelsea, the famous artists’ district of New York City and home to some of the world’s most prestigious galleries. I had the great pleasure of being represented there with 4 of my large-scale works.

Having recently closed another chapter in my life, I surprisingly received an email from a gallery in New York on the same day. This gallery was none other than the established Agora Gallery in the Chelsea artists’ district. My work came to their attention and they felt that I would fit very well into their gallery’s modern portfolio.

For the past several weeks, preparations are running for the launch of my online gallery and I’m mighty excited. Of course, not only the paintings are perfectly staged, but also the artist:) After all, it is part of my concept that I will personally take care of your wishes and concerns. My standard in this is high: