My Way

The fascination of Marc Chagalls paintings strengthened in me the great desire to find my own way in art. But paths seldom go straight ahead and that is a good thing :) Instead of studying at the art academy, I decided to pursue a career in tourism. A wise choice, as it turned out, as it not only allowed me to experience it successfully, but also allowed me to get to know a lot of the world. A change to the automotive industry a few years later led me to an exciting job as “Globalization Manager” at a quality service provider.

My style | HERBOLD-ART

Looking back, it becomes clear that it is precisely these “detours” that continue to shape our personality and refine our talents. Painting, however, never stopped accompanying me in this process. So over many years I developed my techniques and found more and more to my style. A collaboration with the University Clinic of Cologne in my early years as an artist also allowed me to make the valuable experience that paintings truly have the ability to change the energy in rooms and thereby positively influence people.

Art for a higher quality in life

When we open ourselves to the beauty outside – whether through art, music or nature – our inner attitude changes as well. A positive attitude acts as a booster, e.g. to perceive new perspectives and opportunities that open up to us in life every day. And who would not rather have the choice, for his life AND his walls?:)

By the way, since January 2021 my works and editions are also available in my new online gallery HERBOLD-ART. Here they can be purchased with all the benefits of a modern online store (–> to the gallery). Will I see you there?

Susanne Herbold

Susanne Herbold