“I invite viewers of my art to connect with the work in a way that they can still feel it when they close their eyes.”

Über mich

The fascination of Marc Chagall’s paintings strengthened in me the great desire to find my own way in art. But paths rarely go straight ahead. Instead of studying at art school, I initially decided on a career in tourism. A good choice, as it turned out, because not only was I able to experience this successfully, but it also allowed me to get to know a lot of the world. A switch to the automotive industry a few years later led me to an exciting job (Globalization Manager) with a quality service provider. Painting, however, never stopped accompanying me. So I have developed my techniques over many years and found more and more to my style.

Very often I start my abstract works with the choice of a color and the desire to express my inner energy and mood. Each color has a different vibrational frequency and a typical wavelength and energy for it. I feel colors and their energy with great intensity and love to apply them to the canvas in different ways so that they can convey my intention. I like to work with pastes, palette knives, brushes, but also with my bare hands.

I have always been fascinated by the boundlessness of art. This applies equally to the artist’s expression and the viewer’s interpretation. Connecting with art allows new perspectives to emerge and the past to be reflected. My vision is to help people experience this unique boundlessness. A positive attitude acts as a booster, for example, to perceive new perspectives and opportunities that open up to us in life every day. For me, art is a statement! What’s it like for you?


Susanne Herbold

Contemporary Artist SUSANNE HERBOLD - über mich