NEW: H2O (Vol. 2)

presentation (video)

In contrast to the first painting of the series “Water” (“H2O Vol. 1“), which is rather characterized by gentleness and stillness, this second work expresses the enormous power that the essence of water carries within itself. In a context to humans and many ecosystems it is not always free in its development. And yet it seems to find its way…

“H2O (Vol. 2)” is almost finished. Today it will be covered with the final finish, which makes the colors even more brilliant and at the same time protects the work from light and external influences. How the 3rd painting of the series will look like has not yet been decided. Here I let myself drift and keep your suggestions/color wishes in mind. And this much is revealed in advance: Water is not always “just blue”. And it´s so much more than “only water” anyway :)

While working on this second piece, it was especially important to me to reproduce the flowing and at the same time the limited element “water” in a greater depth. Therefore I also used new techniques, such as the addition of silicone oils and pouring media. Depending on the mixing ratio, the viscosity of the colors can be changed so that they are liquid and solid at the same time, without decreasing the color intensity and adhesion (which would be the case with diluting water). A truly exciting process, which even involved the use of a hair dryer…

I would be very happy if the series could contribute to a greater awareness of the wealth and responsibility of the resource “water”. Water, especially clean drinking water, is unfortunately still not taken for granted in all regions of the world, despite our wealth. We should therefore respect it all the more and ensure its preservation.

Note: A bad president can be voted out of office – resources like water need to be protected sustainably!

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