New work: H2O


Water is life

we feel this especially when we connect to it….

Do you know the feeling, e.g. in the sea on a glorious summer day, when you are literally surrounded by water, that you can no longer define where your body “ends” and the water “begins”? In the past, I didn’t really pay attention. I “was just in it.” Today, my view of it has changed. I can rather perceive how I merge with the element, if I (mentally) allow it.

Well, that’s no wonder from a purely physiological point of view: the human body consists of over 70% water. Water is a basic prerequisite for life. Water is probably the place where life originates and one of its conditions. The earth’s surface is covered by about 72 % water.

Water as part of the 5 elements

From the beginning – so says the Ayurvedic teachings – the world consists of five elements: space (or ether), fire, water, air and earth. They determine everything: the nature of stones, plants, animals and people. The principle of water, it is opposite to that of fire. Its basic properties are coldness and contraction. Its active side is the life-giving and sustaining, its passive like the fire the decomposing, disintegrating and dividing. Together with the fire, the water is one of the two elements from which all other elements have originated.

Water is energy

It is obvious that the resource water must also be handled responsibly with regard to a sustainable and secure energy supply in the future. The connection and mutual interactions between energy and water are too great.

In my work with the element of water, it has once again become clear to me how much we depend on healthy water. Unfortunately, the resource is distributed very unequally in our world and dealing with it can hardly be more differentiated. I would like nothing more than to see a much greater sense of responsibility towards water as a resource worldwide. Among other things, much more needs to be invested in education in many countries. I am convinced that children are often much more receptive than adults.

Susanne Herbold vor H2O

With this work I would like to express my THANKS for this wonderful element. THANKS for its energy | power and inspiration. THANKS for the protection it provides to many living beings. THANKS for its ability to purify and clear (inside & outside), its life-giving supply and enabling new life!

My work “H2O” and I cordially invite you to “charge up” with this inspiring “blue” energy …

I wish us all the lasting awareness of the importance of this resource.

Susanne Herbold

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