Spectacular perspectives from the air

Et jitt kein Wood dat sage künnt wat ich föhl, wann ich an Kölle denk…” – There is no word that can say what I feel when I think of Cologne. With their song, the well-known Cologne band Cat Ballou certainly speaks or sings from the heart of every Cologne resident – as well as me. Excuse me? A woman from Lower Saxony who loses her heart to a city? A clear: Yes! :) But don’t worry: visitors usually also succumb immediately to the charm and character of the metropolis on the Rhine. Kölle, you bes halt e Jeföhl!

There are already countless photos of all the sights in and around Cologne, but I know of none so far that are as unique as those of Andreas Dieck. After all, what better way to capture an extraordinary perspective than with a drone? Whether at daredevil heights or even hovering just above the ground, every motif requires its own perspective. When I saw Andreas’ photos for the first time, I knew right away: These motifs absolutely have to be in the portfolio of my Cologne gallery HERBOLD-ART.

No sooner said than done!

Andreas Dieck with his DJI Mavic 2 Pro in front of the Hohenzollern Bridge.

Andreas Dieck: TV journalist, DJ and artist

I always find it exciting how passions develop and skills emerge: While studying sports with a focus on journalism, he had already worked as a ski instructor and owned a surf school on Mykonos for a few years after graduation, until he found himself in Cologne working in television. There, Andreas worked as an anchorman for the sports news “RTL Aktuell” and “Exclusiv Das Starmagazin”, among others.

As a journalist, he also produced numerous reports for various TV stations and is still in demand today as a media coach and DJ. – among other things for the Robinson clubs worldwide – in use. In parallel, Andreas Dieck expanded his expertise in photography: With his drones, a Canon and the Insta 360°, Andreas now films and photographs on a highly professional level and so it was a matter of time before Cologne also had the honor of getting in front of his lens.

As Andreas once explained to me, the quality of his shots, in addition to professional equipment and a certain photographic expertise, is also dependent on 3 factors: the right height of the drone, the right distance to the object, as well as the appropriate time of day. These components must be perfectly coordinated.

Personally, I think there is another prerequisite for these special images: The love for a city… ❤

New in the portfolio: DRONE ART

I am therefore very pleased to represent a selected collection of these spectacular Cologne motifs in my gallery. The Cologne motifs by Andreas Dieck are available as high-quality art prints | fine art prints in two sizes and designs: In the modern ArtBox frame in satin aluminum or noble without frame as lamination under acrylic glass.